Starlight Inception to send PS Vita owners into intergalactic war next week

The appropriately named Escape Hatch Studios is bringing their hit, successful space ship shooter to PlayStation Vita next week on Tuesday, April 22nd. The name of this little gem is Starlight Inception ( Que the sound: BWWWWOOOORRRRRP!)

Starlight Inception is the Vita’s first game successfully funded game from Kickstarter.com, where users publicly pledge their own funds to see a project get off the ground and into development. In return, their project of choice moves forward and they receive a few bonus incentives in it as well. The game went through successfully and was made available to Steam. Now, it comes to the PS Vita and, hopefully soon, the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

This is very well a game that you may not have heard of or may have glossed over. However, this is a big deal that does deserve attention as Starlight Inception seeks to resurrect a long forgotten genre in video game history: The Space shooter. In the 1990’s ,there was a deep exploration of science fiction and the final frontier of space. Many movies and video games were built in this time frame, exploring all of the interesting imaginations of humanity expanding to the stars. Some of these movies include The Fifth Element and Men in Black. The video game are was much more bountiful with the Wing Commander series, Total Eclipse, Dark light Conflict, and my personal favorite, The Colony Wars trilogy. These games all fulfilled the fantasies born from movies with great star fighting sequences from the Star Wars saga to The Last Starfighter. 

Game poster

Game poster


These games helped replicate that fantasy of flying in the dangerous, beautiful zero gravity of space. Hopping into your fighter, zooming around massive stations and capital ships, visiting planets, destroying targets, epic story lines, it was all here. Most notably were the Colony wars games which were a smashing success on the PSone and known for their visuals, audio, and game play, as well as a James Earl Jones sound alike. The Wing Commander franchise has earned much respect for its deep space combat and rich sci-fi universe, created by Chris Roberts. The legacy is continuing in the widely supported upcoming space simulator, Star Citizen,  for which Chris is director.

Starlight Inception has been a solid release on Steam and seeks to garner a larger audience on Sony’s platforms. The game promises over 30 hours of single player action and story as well as an involving story surrounding the outbreak of World War IV (which I find funny because this is in space and I have no idea how it’s a world war if it’s in space and taking place on many other planets)

I for one am greatly looking forward to a modern space shooter that harks back to the good old days when modern-day console gaming was arising and PC gaming was the absolute, pinnacle edge of the gaming industry. Clear out those memory cards and get set to download on April 22nd!

Check out the trailer below!

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