Enemy Front intel teases news screens, new trailer


With just under two months away from it’s D-Day like launch, City Interactive, the team behind the upcoming open action shooter, Enemy Front, have begun to release some intel for us gamers eagerly awaiting the title. The game is described as the first truly modern first person shooter of World War II. A newly released trailer shows direct gameplay footage taking palce deep within occupied France in the countryside. We see the shooting mechanics, HUD, close quarters combat, level designand explosive weaponry highlight in the trailer.

The first thing to notice is the high quality of the graphics and the materials. Weapons and enemies, as well as the locales, have a very polished look to them with crisp details. The player dispatches multiple enemies with a sniper rifle. We can clearly see the rifle ballistics used in the game and they look to be quite impressive. In other shooters, like Call of Duty, sniping is instantaneous to the degree of a laser rifle from Star Wars. In Enemy Front, there is actually a sensation  of distance and realistic gravity as there is a delay between the gun firing and the bullet reaching the unlucky nazi soldier as the end.

It’s worth noting that the death animations and particle effects from shooting look impressively grim. When the Nazis soldiers were hit by gunfire, a particle blood spatter would appear and in one case, we see a soldier struggle for dear life from injury before succumbing to his wound. This is quite interesting and displays a degree of tenacity that the team has placed into the enemy. These won’t be generic soldier running into you mindlessly. They can think, patrol, use tactics, and do whatever to stop you. They will fight to the bitter end and use armor. Toward the end of the trailer, we see nice detail of using a panzerfaust against a tank.

Finally, the level and game play design is certainly working for the game. It is truly open ended. The level shown was wide and full of intricate details, including secondary objectives that will pop up in the level. We see the player use his sniping skills to neutralize an enemy patrol in order to free a civilian held captive.  The player flipped between stealthy and action play styles instantly. Using a silenced weapon, soldiers were silently eliminated and their bodies hidden. At the same time, he took out foes with an MP40 sub machine gun.

Enemy Front is looking to be much more then just another game. With its solid, polished visuals, exciting gameplay, and going above and beyond expectation, this is looking to be a smash hit and a great action game to own. Prepare for battle on 6.10.2014.



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