HBO Bringing Programming To Amazon Prime Instant Video

Last month, Amazon increased the price of a Prime Membership from $79 to $99 to very mixed reactions. The question always is, will this benefit me? Apparently, the answer is yes because Amazon and HBO have inked a deal to bring programming exclusively to the Amazon Prime service.

The deal between Amazon and HBO appears to be getting us closer to the all-encompassing tv service. The deal will bring over many HBO classic series such as The Sopranos and Rome and will also feature movies, comedy specials and documentaries.

As stated in their press release, the following programming will be part of Amazon Prime on May 27th, 2014.

All seasons of revered classics such as The Sopranos, The Wire, Deadwood, Rome and Six Feet Under, and of recent favorites such as Eastbound & Down, Enlightened and Flight of the Conchords

Epic miniseries, including Angels in America, Band of Brothers, John Adams, The Pacific and Parade’s End

Select seasons of current series such as Boardwalk Empire, Treme and True Blood

Hit original movies like Game Change, Too Big To Fail and You Don’t Know Jack

Pedigreed documentaries including the Autopsy and Iceman series, Ghosts of Abu Ghraiband When the Levees Broke

Hilarious original comedy specials from Lewis Black, Ellen DeGeneres, Louis CK and Bill Maher

The offerings seem great, although it’s hard to miss the elephant in the room that is, of course, Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be part of the deal, but all is not lost. Amazon has stated that it will be bringing the HBO GO app to its newest set-top-box, Amazon Fire TV, by years-end. It’s a shame they are missing the juggernaut that is Game Of Thrones, but adding the HBO GO app is a great addition to its services.

Will Amazon’s deal with HBO push you to get Amazon Prime? Will you jump on the Set-top-box train with Amazon Fire TV? Let us know in the comments.

*Image obtained via Amazon Prime Instant Video webpage.

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