MechRunner running to the PlayStation, and it needs your help!

Prepare for hard-hitting fast-paced, ultimate-destruction and cool transforming with the upcoming endless runner, MechRunner. This new game comes from SparkPlug games studios in North Carolina and will be arriving on all Sony PlayStation platforms, especially the PS Vita.


So what is MechRunner all about? It’s all about a setting which makes using an advanced combat robot a blast! In the early 1900’s a mysterious event occurred deep in the Russian Motherland known as the Tunguska Blast. It was a mysterious explosion that was so powerful, literally hundreds of miles of tree were flattened to the ground. It is thought that the explosion was caused by a meteor burning up and destructing just above the forests below. In the real world, this is still a very mysterious event. In the world of MechRunner, it sets the stage of things to come.

After World War II, a top-ranking Soviet General and his forces manage to get to the blast site  secure a large, unknown object, thought to be of alien technology. This object becomes the basis of reverse engineering and allows for  unprecedented achievements in scientific and military technologies. Suddenly, the general goes mad with logical insanity and launches a full-scale conquest of Europe.

You are a scientist with extensive knowledge of the project. In the chaos, you flee to a sanctuary, complete with a hanger. You build your own mech, customize it with weapons and allow it to transform into two forms. You then set off on a quest to kick ass and take back the conquered world.

The game looks to have an advanced and fun degree of fast-paced arcade action. In addition, your mech can transform, allowing for a new array of combat and capabilities. Coupled with a solid soundtrack from Grammy award winning composer David Joseph Wesley and very detailed visuals, this looks to be a fantastic action game and a welcome addition to any players gaming libraries regardless of preference.


     The game is undergoing a Kickstarter campaign right now as you read this. Kickstarter allows projects to be funded publicly by users the world over.  Your funds contribute to the game’s success and, you get some extra special incentives in return. Exclusives attire, in-game weapons, your name in the credits, a 5 inch model, and a variety of other cool rewards can be yours if you back this up. And, yes, OF COURSE, you get a copy of the game included. All it takes is a minimum of $1 . But that is just the start.

    So if you are a PS Vita owner and you fancy something new, exciting, and different, check this out and fund this thing! I’ve already made my pledge. I’ll be waiting for the game to drop!

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