Witness 9 Minutes of Watch_Dogs’ Multiplayer

The day has come, the embargo has lifted, we can finally check out some new gameplay footage of Watch_Dogs. While there are also videos bouncing around other game news sites showing more familiar aspects of this hotly anticipated titles’ gameplay very little uhas been shown of the asymmetric multiplayer that is built into the single player experience.

Similarly to Dark Souls, your world can be invaded by other players who, while they look like garden variety NPCs can ‘hack’, cooperate to achieve shared objectives, or try to stop you in your tracks by hacking the city via the free companion app.

It looks fantastic, a cross between Assassins Creed and GTA V’s multiplayer. My one concern is  how long it will be enjoyable before the constant trolling can begin to grate on your enjoyment of the open world and you simply decide to opt out.

Watch_Dogs will be released on May 27th on the PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360

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Eliot Rolen

Eliot Rolen

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