New Destiny Gameplay Footage

Destiny made a huge splash at E3 2013 and has been relatively quiet since. But finally, Activision and Bungie have released over seven minutes of actual in-game footage. Judging by the button-prompts, the footage is from the PS4 build which shouldn’t come as a surprise since the majority of footage we’ve seen has been of the PS4 version. Can Bungie once again strike gold like they did with the Halo franchise?

The trailer gives a decent glimpse into the world of Destiny but, will it be able to shrug off the comparisons to the Borderlands franchise? Knowing Bungie, they should be more than up to the task and, like you, we’re anxiously awaiting new info on the Beta that’s supposed to be starting in the summer for PS4 pre-orders. Enjoy the trailer below, and check back here later today for updates with more footage of Destiny.

Destiny is being developed by Bungie, published by Activision and will be released on September 19, 2014 on PS3, PS4, Xbox360 and Xbox One.

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