First NHL 15 Trailer Revealed

With the NHL Playoffs in full swing, EA Sports has released its first trailer for NHL 15. Since the game is more than four months out, assuming EA sticks to their typical September release date with the series, there’s not a hint of actual gameplay. Having said that, the trailer does give us a glimpse of a changing of the guard in terms of commentary.

Gary Thorne and Bill Clement have taken care of the commentary duties since NHL 07 but the torch is being passed onto NBC anchors, Mike ‘Doc’ Emric and Eddie Olczyk. If you’ve watched a hockey game in the past couple of years, you’ve surely heard the two provide commentary, and the new announcers should be great for the game. In addition, TSN’s Ray Ferraro will be providing commentary from ice-level.

EA Sports has provided a slew of new features that are, for lack of better words, typical enhancements talked about every year for the annual franchise. From enhancing the newly implemented “Physics Collision System” to featuring “Completely rebuilt puck physics,” the classic stalwarts are there. Whether they deliver on these new features is yet to be seen, but of all EA franchises, NHL is usually the one to hit the mark. You can get detailed information, as detailed as it is now anyway, on EA Sports official NHL 15 site here.

NHL 15 is being developed by EASports, published by EA and will be released in September on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox one.

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