Launch Trailer For Bound By Flame Revealed

Spider Studios has just released a launch trailer for their upcoming Fantasy RPG, Bound By Flame. The Trailer reveals more bits of gameplay and, most importantly, uncovers some background information about the flame demon that possesses you.

The flame demon that possesses your character is both a blessing and a curse. It’s unparalleled power allows you to turn the tides of a battle, but it does come at a cost. The more you rely on the demonic power, the more it will eat away at your soul. Your reliance on the flame demon will not only alter your physical attacks and appearance, it will greatly affect those around you as well. Dialogue and relationships throughout the game will change based upon your choice to use the weapon at your disposal or to shun it and save your humanity.

Are you willing to allow the demon to consume your soul in exchange for unmatched power, sending ripples that will tear apart your relationships with your fellow man; or will you fight the good fight, salvaging what’s remains of your humanity and those around you?

Check out the launch trailer below and be sure to check back here for a review of Bound By Flame.

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