**ATTENTION CITIZENS of Gotham**: Watch the new Extended Gotham Trailer- GCPD

Before The Joker, before Bane, before Scarecrow, before Catwoman, before Batman, there was Gotham City.


Coming this Fall, FOX Television Entertainment joins Disney ABC and CW11 with a licensed super hero series going on the air. CW11 has Arrow. ABC has Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, and now, FOX has Gotham. Gotham serves as a brand new series as well as an origin story, focusing on a relatively little known chapter in the world of the dark knight, Batman. The series will focus on Detective Jim Gordon of the GCPD, who many will know, rises to become Commissioner Gordon and a key connection for Batman when inevitably takes to the streets. As an origin story, we will see the beginnings of many key figures, synonymous with Batman lore and how they rise to infamy.

On May 5th, FOX officially order this television spin-off to a full series. Last night, during the highly anticipated of 24: Live Another Day, The trailer shows a lot of ambitions and delivers excitement. It looks to be well done and polished. With a top-notch cast and crew, it does evoke a Nolan-esque vibe, especially as one battered and bruised criminal places ” a war coming with rivers of blood.”


Look for Gotham to arrive this Fall. Check out the extended trailer below.



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