The First Screenshots From Tales From the Borderlands Revealed

Telltale Games is quite the busy bee these days, as its developing ‘The Wolf Among Us’, ‘the Walking Dead’, ‘Game of Thrones’ and to to top it all off, an offshoot story from the Borderlands universe titled ‘Tales From the Borderlands’. In ‘Tales’ you play two very different characters trying to make their way in the zany world of Pandora.

Given the studio’s track record of creating episodically structured, dialogue-heavy gameplay centered on the consequences of your decisions, the type of game we’d be seeing didn’t require much from our imagination when it was first announced. An additional concern I had was whether the developer would be able to effectively combine their gameplay systems with Borderlands’ unique brand of humor and visual style.

Still images can only convey so much, but we can at least rest easy knowing that Telltale is not straying too far from Borderlands’ signature aesthetic style. The screenshot showing the Assassin, Zero, slicing off an unlucky Pandoran’s arm also implies that we will meet some familiar characters from previous games in the series.

One additional idea that Telltale has brought to the table is the loot system, which allows any loot you procure in ‘Tales’ to be brought over to other areas of the Borderlands franchise, which I assume means both Borderlands 1 and 2, although that hasn’t been specified.

Tales From the Borderlands will be released later this year on the PC, Xbox 360 and Ps3

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