HyperX Cloud, Next-Gen Pro-Gaming Headset That’s Wallet Friendly – Review

Gaming headsets really were a staple last generation as the popularity of online multiplayer reached unprecedented heights. Headsets ranged from the simple pop-in-your-ear chat audio and mic, all the way up to sophisticated as 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround headsets for pro-gaming multiplayer. For a long time, I ignored a true gaming headset that supported game audio like in the MLG tier Turtle Beach and Astros product lines. Although I did own a Turtle Beach PX21 at one point in the last generation, the HyperX Cloud proved I was undermining the significance of game audio in casual and competitive gaming.


When some of us game at home, the most important thing in regard to sound is that we can hear gunfire as it occurs. Competitive shooters such as Call of Duty: Ghosts require much more than just being able to hear gunfire; it’s not only your eyes that are needed to find enemies but your ears. HyperX Cloud helped me, for the first time in my gaming experiences, hear footsteps that were probably too drowned out by the ambient noise with which my TV speakers have to compete. This is a HUGE advantage when, in games like Call of Duty, you constantly have to worry about your opponent sneaking up behind you with a knife or shotgun to the rear. The detachable microphone also sounds very clean in comparison to other headsets I’ve used with PC and blows away that abysmal chat headset included with PS4. The HyperX Cloud is constructed with a sturdy aluminum frame cushioned with large memory foam padded leather that’s soft over the head and ears but big on sound. Although I’m not an audio enthusiast, I can’t help but to vouch for the 53mm drivers in each ear of the Cloud headset improving my match performance. Now being able to hear the world’s highs and lows, my first game of Call of Duty: Ghosts in about 9 weeks had me topping the Team Deathmatch leaderboard with a 20-9 performance — not bad for a two month hiatus.


Upon opening the packaging of the HyperX Cloud, you’re presented with a commemorative box with a foil printed letter from Anders “G8V1k1ng” Willumsen (HyperX General Manager) under the lid. In addition to the headset itself, there’s a detachable microphone, a soundbox with volume control, quick mute, hold mute functions, extension cables, a PS4 (Dualshock 4) compatible joint audio adapter that’ll combine the 3.5mm audio and mic connectors, an extra pair of velour ear cups that can be swapped with the leather cups already installed, and another small audio connector that’ll work with some mixer devices. Although it isn’t advertised as compatible, I’m quite sure you’d be able to use this headset on Xbox One with the help of the Stereo Headset Adapter sold on Amazon. The only gripe I have with the headset is the audio mixer included doesn’t have a dedicated microphone volume support. Probably the most significant feature of the HyperX Cloud headset is the lack of batteries needed to operate. It’s bad enough, in this generation, Xbox One controllers pretty much force you into buying those annoying AA batteries if you don’t opt into buying a $25 charge kit.


Here on Dual Pixels, we like to keep our reviews straight to the point, so you won’t get any of that contradictory terminology some reviewers use that leave you with more questions than answers. The HyperX Cloud is an amazing wired stereo sound Pro-Gaming headset at the wallet friendly price of $99. Not only is the headset comfortable, it’s simple and compatible with PS4, PC, and even with a $25 chat adapter investment Xbox One. This multiplatform headset will perform for most gamers looking to improve their scores and competitiveness during online bouts. The next tier of pro-gaming headsets start at about $150 for Turtle Beach’s last gen headsets that may be compatible with newer consoles and $200 for Astros’ models.


Ultimately, it’s great to see this quality and affordable headset HyperX Cloud brought into this generation of games. It’s a must buy if you’re in the market for a gaming headset. Check it out here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Kingston-Technology-Headset-KHX-H3CL-WR/dp/B00JJNQG98/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

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