Metro Redux, Remasters of Metro 2033 and Last Light For Next-Gen

After having been ousted earlier this year, 4A Games and Deep Silver have confirmed an upgraded version, including all DLC and the coveted numbers 1080p/60fps on PS4 (Xboxone is 900p60fps) of Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light for next-gen consoles and PC.

Metro: Last Light is only a little over a year old, having been released on May 14 of last year, will feature better image quality and a better frame rate, but it’s Metro 2033 that will see the lionshare of upgrades.

In addition to a better framerate and resolution, 4A games has added some of the better gameplay features of Last Light and has incorporated them into 2033. The AI has been revamped to be more aggressive and in exchange, deadlier and the mask swipe mechanic has been brought over. In addition, the ability to check your watch and inventory have also been brought over.

The two games featured some drastically different playstyles and with the Redux, you can play the way you want to. If you prefered the more survivalist approach of Metro 2033, featuring less bullets and deadlier enemies, you can play on ‘Survival’ mode. But, if you were more akin to Last Lights more action-paced gameplay, you can playthrough on ‘Spartan’ difficulty.

The game will be sold at retail as well as digitally. The one key feature is that, if you are one of those people trending toward a digital future, the games are separate purchases on the digital marketplace. So, if you favored one game over the other, you can buy just that one. This option is great and should definitely carry over to all other remastered packs.

Are you tired of the remaster trend that is inundating the next-gen consoles? Or, do you feel it’s great to get enhanced ports of games you loved? Check out the Trailer below.

Metro Redux will be available later this summer for $24.99 each digitally or as a pack at retail for $49.99 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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