Joey Ansah (Akuma) & Mike Moh (Ryu) Interviews and Behind-The-Scenes | Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist

Here’s our interview with Joey Ansah: the writer, director, choreographer, Street Fighter guru and of course, Akuma. He’s a very passionate guy, and his love for the series bleeds right through the interview. Check it out below.

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Next up we have Mike Moh who plays Ryu. Mike Moh is a 4th degree black belt in American Taekwondo and is more than up to the task of playing one of the most recognizable characters in video games.

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Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist, like any other video game adaptation, must create characters that look nearly identical to their gaming counterparts. The line between a great representation and a parody of a character can often times be difficult because video games take such a unique approach in their art style that it’s often hard to recreate in live-action. All the characters in Assassin’s Fist accurately capture their namesakes appearance and, just as importantly, their attitudes and mannerisms. Ken Masters still has his brash nature, whereas Ryu depicts his stoic, ultra serious vibe. Check out the images below of some of the main characters in Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist.




Although characters are the main attraction, terrible set design is often the downfall of an otherwise great film. CGI and green screen technology has absolutely changed cinema, usually for the better. But, there is nothing like physically recreating set pieces. The realism shows through, and this is something Joey Ansah spoke about in our interview. They tried to use as little CGI/Green Screen as possible in all scenes to keep the sense of realism intact. For the most part, they did this extraordinarily well; check out some behind-the-scenes images below.





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