Battlefield: Hardline Trailer Leaked Ahead of E3

With E3 a little more than a week away whispered rumors of what will be announced there have begun to emerge. But yesterday, those whispers turned into a battle(field) cry with the uncovering of assets for the next Battlefield game. Today, the doors were completely blown off Battlefield: Hardline, which we now know is a cops and robbers themed game developed by the Dead Space masterminds at Visceral Games.

The seven minute long trailer above goes into great detail about the multiplayer game modes and episodically structured single player storyline that has me particularly intrigued as its being written by the same people that had a hand in some of my favorite television shows in recent memory, Justified and House of Cards. Which platforms it will be on is not yet known, but expect it on all current generation consoles and PC at the very least.

Battlefield: Hardline will be released in Autumn of this year.

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Eliot Rolen

Eliot Rolen

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