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E3 2014: Game Announcements Galore!

E3 is just around the corner and oddly enough more and more game announcements are flying our way. It makes me wonder how much is being held back for the conference, which is where new games are traditionally ushered into the limelight. Today, three new games were announced, and they are all sequels, so logic might dictate that the developers are holding back all of the new IP for the big show.

Mortal Kombat X; PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One; 2015

Watch Sub Zero and Skorpion, MK’s Ryu and Ken analogues, duke it out in a snowy forest. If what we are seeing is truly realtime gameplay and not CG I’m concerned that my stomach won’t be able to handle this much of a visual assault.

Homefront: The Revolution; PC, Xbox One, PS4; 2015 

The first Homefront was controversial for it’s brutal depictions of what life in the United States might be like under the boot of North Korea, and lambasted for it’s generic gameplay and shoddy presentation. Crytek knows a thing or two about making games look pretty, it just has to prove that it can bring the gameplay up to the same high standard. I am intrigued by the notion of an open world fps set in Philadelphia that allows other players to complete objectives independently from you to accomplish a larger objective and foment general unrest in the minds of the public.

Forza: Horizon 2; Xbox One and Xbox 360; Fall 2014

Forza 4 and 5 were fun in their own right, but Forza: Horizon was the spiritual successor to one of my favorite racing games of all time: Burnout: Paradise which was also the only open world racing game I actually enjoyed. We know very little about the sequel besides it being set in Southern Europe and that the ‘Drivatar’, or ‘bumper car algorithm’ system from Forza 5 will reappear.



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Eliot Rolen

Eliot Rolen

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