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E3 2014: Top 10 E3 Celebrity Appearances In Show History

Top 10 E3 Celebrity Appearances In History

E3 is the biggest event of the year within the gaming culture but it isn’t exclusive to just “gamers”. The production values of games have exceeded both movies and other content of the arts; with these huge budgets and the industry contently growing, pop culture icons have become familiar with games in general. E3 has attracted some of the biggest celebrities in the world. With E3 2014 beginning in just a few days, today we break down the top 10 appearances in E3 history.

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8. Robin Williams / Zelda Williams


This wouldn’t be a proper top 10 celebrities of E3 article if we didn’t include Robin Williams who actually named his daughter after one of Nintendo’s most famous princesses, Zelda. Robin has always been a true fan of video games; his career’s financial successes have been widely renown in film with movies such as Happy Feet, Aladdin, Night at the Museum and much more. At E3 06 Robin demoed Spore on stage for onlooking journalists. Zelda Williams announced that she’ll be doing something “extra special” at E3 this year. Our guess is that it’ll be related to — wait for it….The Legend of Zelda.

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