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E3 2014: Top 10 Most Memorable E3 Moments

Top 10 Memorable E3 Moments

E3 The biggest gaming convention in the world, where publishers and developers go to show off their latest titles releasing later on in the year. Let’s take a look back to all those memorable, and shocking, E3 moments throughout the years. Stay tuned to Dual Pixels for your latest E3 2014 news.

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9. 4 The Gamer

2013 the year our new game consoles arrived. Sony had revealed the Playstation 4 at a earlier event and Microsoft followed and gave us their vision of an always online console. Gamers feared that Sony would also adopt an always online DRM and prevent us from being able to buy and trade used games. But they delivered in a very big way, and made Microsoft think twice.

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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