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E3 2014: Entwined Weaves Its Way Onto Ps4

Pixel Opus, a studio made up of recent college graduates, releases more that just details about its first game, Entwined.

In Entwined, you guide two souls via both of the analog sticks. You must traverse the puzzles through nine unique lifetimes. Once completed, the two souls will transform into a fiery dragon. Check out the E3 presentation below.

Entwined is one of the many indie games that Sony showed off during its press conference. Although not as awe-inspiring as last year’s E3 when they had a ton of devs playing their games at the same time, the proof that Indie’s are here to stay is clear. Entwined especially looks to be a spectacularly unique game. Check out the conference reveal below and download the game on SEN now!

Entwined is out NOW for $9.99

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