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E3 2014: The Devil’s Men Audio Walkthrough and Impressions | Daedalic Entertainment

Point-and-click adventure games have been around for many, many years. Some of the first games were point-and-click adventure games, and as you will soon see, there’s been a huge
set-up from what point-and-click adventure games used to be.

Check out the Dev walkthrough with Kevin Mentz and read below for my thoughts about the sections he showed.


The Devil’s Men is an upcoming release from Hamburg Germany based Daedalic Entertainment. Their specialty is point-and-click, and their mastery with the genre is quite apparent when given a preview of two levels of the game.

Right off the bat, it’s easy to see that the game has a gorgeous art style. The characters are animated in 2D, but the actual sets are in 3D. You don’t have control of the camera, but this allows for more cinematic and intriguing transitions between scenes. As you can hear in the dev walkthrough above, each character plays either in the day or night. Thus, decisions you made with Adelaide during the day, will greatly affect what Emily comes into contact with at night. By presenting the game in such a way, it allows for playthroughs to be pretty unique amongst different players. Mentz explained that there would be different endings but that they would be pretty similar. The real strength of the game will be the bond you create amongst the female protagonists. It’s a tricky game of balance to find The Devil’s Men, while enhancing the protagonists’ friendship.


Gameplay-wise, the game seems to have a pretty standard point-and-click adventure game style. But, the addition of having to play both characters and each of their decisions directly affecting the other makes for some unique, refreshing gameplay.

Mentz said that he wants 50 different “levels” but will probably only have time to make 40. This is quite a feat considering this is his first game that he created from scratch. He has worked on various other projects but never created his own project from top to bottom, until now.

The Devil’s Men is set for release in early 2015 for PC and Mac. Ports to consoles isn’t necessarily out of the question, but the main focus is getting the PC and Mac versions out.

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