LifeCHARGE Gold iPhone 5/5S Battery Case Review

Picture your day in the city, music in your ears, catching up on some pretty sweet sales while out shopping, grabbing Chipotle for lunch; then you notice your iPhone is on 2%. Now despite your day going well so far, you made more plans for the afternoon that included linking a friend who’s arriving at an unfamiliar train stop, verifying your movie theater tickets with your email, and making a call home to make sure someone walks the dog. Life can kick your iPhone battery’s a**. With Apple constantly releasing new iOS software that is not battery optimized it has become an absolute necessity to carry some sort of extra power if you’re going to be out for a long day.


LifeCHARGE’s Gold MFI Certified Extended Battery iPhone 5/5S Case solves the problems that could potentially occur in the situations we just mentioned. I’m a very heavy iPhone user. I refresh my emails, Instagram, and personal Facebook accounts just about every 10 minutes (or less). To add insult to a petite iPhone 5 battery’s injury, I’m usually with headphones blasting and connected to a wireless network when applicable. In the case of this review, I will have to fairly see the LifeCHARGE battery case from the much more moderate user’s perspective.


LifeCHARGE’s Gold iPhone 5/5S battery case is extremely simple. It consists of two halves: the bottom which houses the actual battery and connects via lightning port, and the top which encloses the iPhone within the device. This case is understandably thicker than your average iPhone case that would be intended to protect it from drops and falls. I’ve dropped my phone in this case twice from about 4 feet and it managed to survive without any hitches.


The LifeCHARGE’s 2300 mAh case will manage to completely regenerate your iPhone from 1% while actively being used at least once. My biggest test for the case was during E3 2014, an event that when attended in person can be extremely unforgiving to a phone battery; unoccupied electrical outlets are usually inconvenient as well. Call it a little irresponsible, but it was necessary for me to burn at least 30/40% of my iPhone’s native battery playing music to keep my sanity throughout to Los Angeles traffic. After another hour or so when my phone would get close to E, I’d turn on the LifeCHARGE case with the press of a button. Blue indicator lights on the back of the case represent 25% of your remaining charge; after totally regenerating the life of my iPhone 5 from 10%, I’d say I’m left with roughly 25-40% remaining to provide that extra bit of juice.


Although it’ll make your pockets bulge just a little bit more, you might benefit from the extra battery if the situation calls for it, personally I still prefer to use my day-to-day protective iPhone case unless I’m going to be out for a while, or my phone battery has already been diminished before I leave out. Ultimately, convenience is what matters; and that’s exactly what LifeCHARGE is providing here.


At $89.99 this LifeCHARGE iPhone 5/5S charger case is more or less what you’d pay for any other brand charger case such as Mophie. This new gold color in particular will look really well with the matching gold iPhone 5S as seen in the article image at the beginning.


To keep it simple: buy if you’re in need of a new extended power solution for your iPhone 5, don’t buy if you already have an external charging solution you carry regularly, or strongly consider if you’re still using one of those cheap rubber cases from the dollar store.


You can purchase it now from the LifeCHARGE or Amazon marketplaces.

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