Charting the Universe With Hello Games | No Man’s Sky Preview

No Man’s Sky is the game that we’ve all dreamt about. There is endless space to be explored at your leisure. Every player starts on a different, uncharted planet. The sense of discovery that is absent in games is Hello Games’ promise for its Sci-Fi exploration epic. The ambition is tremendous, but the apparent love to create something special is quite evident in Hello Games’ leading man, Sean Murray. Check out the video below with Murray talking about their journey from its wildly successful, Joe Danger series, the ability to fend off natural disasters and the challenges and the necessity to make such a game with a small 10-man team.

Indie games have been stealing the spotlight more frequently at big tradeshow events, and No Man’s Sky has had us on the hook since its reveal at VGX 2013. After its most recent reveal at Sony’s Press Conference at E3 2014, the flame was reignited for a game that is so very much needed. Charting galaxies and exploring the unknown is a part of the human psyche that needs to be tapped into, and Hello Games is fit to the task.

No Man’s Sky will make it’s console debut on PS4 and will later release on Xbox One. A PC version is in the works, but with such a small team, the release of the PC version may be after the PS4 game.

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