Get iPhone 6 Ready With PhoneSuit Flex-XT Pocket Charger

PhoneSuit is releasing a solution to our dreary iPhone 5/5S batteries lives that isn’t as ugly as the case charger you had your eye on. Promising an extra 150% of battery life, the Flex-XT Pocket Charger is slightly bigger than your standard card reader while still being functional with your average protective case. The extended lightning connector utilized by this portable charger will be compatible with the inevitable iPhone 6 expected to release later this year. Other touted features of PhoneSuit’s Flex-XT Pocket Charger include pass-through charging, so that you can charge the device and your iPhone simutatinously, in addition to PhoneSuit’s “quick-charge” technology that promises 1% extra charge per minute. We’ll have a review up in the coming days; for now check out the demonstration below.

Purchase For $69.95:

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Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

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