New Pokemon Revealed – Mega Metagross

You get a Mega Evolution, You Get A MEGA EVOLUTION! Mega Metagross will be making its way into Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as a Coro-Coro leak confirmed the newly discovered Pokemon. Originally introduced in Pokemon X & Y, Mega Evolutions will be rampant in the Ruby & Sapphire remakes as every starter Pokemon, including previously appeared Blaziken will sport Mega flavors. Metagross is a dual Steel/Psychic type making it a sinister opponent, this only enhances one of the biggest tanks in the game. Although not very many details were revealed in this Coro-Coro issue we’re pretty damn sure that Mega Metagross floats like a Magnemite now. Avoid battle with its owner Steven Stone. [UPDATE: Yup, it floats like a Magnemite. (GAMEPLAY TRAILER HERE)]

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Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

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