Ubisoft Sells Twice As Much Games On PS4 Than Xbox One

Ubisoft is making money so they’re not necessarily complaining. Upon releasing their record Q1 financial report one statistic stood out regarding PS4 and Xbox One sales; unsurprisingly PS4 is beating Xbox One at a 2-1 ratio. Again, this isn’t surprising considering Ubisoft ran a massive Watch_Dogs launch campaign on PS4 including exclusive content, in addition to PS4 formerly being at the reduced price-point of $399 in the US, which Microsoft matched with the Kinect-less Xbox One. PS4 generated 36% of Ubi’s Q1 revenue, while Xbox One generated 17%; collectively the next-gen consoles have contributed to 53% of Ubisoft’s revenue, whereas the Q4 2013-2014 they only accounted for 20%, less than half.


Don’t be mislead by these numbers, both consoles are running a healthy business; more-specifically, these numbers indicate that the consumers who purcahsed titles on last-gen consoles are converting to the next generation progressively. Ubisoft’s Q1 2014-2015 sales totaled €360 million or about $490 million


Ubisoft has Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and Far Cry 4 coming this Fall to multiple platforms. We expect it to be yet another successful year for the corporation.


Source: Ubisoft

Via: VideoGamer

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  1. Bogle
    July 14, 2014 at 7:52 AM — Reply

    Not surprising at all. With PS4 having better looking games and now having doubled xbox one sales, it follows suit that game sales would frequently double. It’s not always the case. Cod does a little better on xbox, but battlefield does significantly better on playstation. Both games run at higher resolutions on Sony of course. This will add yet another problem to the (again) third placed xbox as programmers will move toward the most popular system for increased sales. When a game finds its way on both Sony and MS, the ported version will be xbox as it is an also-ran system where they can generate extra revenue. The leading console, regardless of power (although in this case it has both) will always always have a game advantage over rival consoles.

    • Sunny
      July 15, 2014 at 1:05 AM — Reply

      Xbox are known for tight close links with Activision. I wouldnt be surprised if they had a secret meeting bribing Activision to purposely make it look better on Xbox than ps4. Ps4 hardware is clearly the more powerful

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