There’s Something Fishy Going On At Twitch

No, it’s not the new third-party audio usage policy that implements software that mutes streams if copyrighted audio is detected, often times muting legitimate gameplay segments. The same one YouTube implemented some months ago, we’re onto you Google. We are talking about something much, much more exciting here.

Meet Grayson, the Pokemon-playing fish. You heard that right, a fish is playing Pokemon, Pokemon Red/Blue to be exact. Here we thought viewers voting on what to do in Pokemon a couple months ago was crazy, now a fish is playing Pokemon. Us and the 21,000 other viewers are just as miffed as you are.

It is ironic, though, how animals have permeated our lives. The animal craze is just completely taking over; whether it was animals picking the World Cup winners or animals carefully (read:randomly) selecting your fantasy football team, animals are here to stay. So I guess we should be asking, why did it take so long? We don’t know what’s next for Grayson, but I’d imagine there will be a weird dimensional shift once he goes fishing and snags a Magikarp?!

Check out Grayson the fish tackle Pokemon Red/Blue.

Watch live video from FishPlaysPokemon on

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Joey Lampe

Joey Lampe

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