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Gamescom 2014: Day 0 in Photos

Day 0 of Gamescom, a day exclusively for the press and members of the games industry has come to a close. Tomorrow morning the floodgates will open to the public and mayhem will undoubtedly ensue. But the fact that it is relatively empty gives us the perfect opportunity to take you on a brief photographic tour.

The biggest console gaming franchise on the planet is front and center

The biggest console gaming franchise on the planet is front and center


Welcome to Gaming Nirvana


That perfectly orderly and efficient line to get into the show was brutal!


Strolling through the business center and what do I see? Big Blue


facing off against Big Green


If those walls could talk

Checking in for my first appointment of the day which was...

Checking in for my first appointment of the day which was…

With bonus nonfunctional audio! Deeper and less snide impressions to come..

with bonus glitchy audio! Deeper and less snide impressions to come..


The cosplayers were afoot, even on press day. Does anyone know who these ladies are supposed to be?


Their faces were not photographed to keep the Templars guessing


Uruk Hi From Gamescom!


It almost looks like Alien:Isolation is mocking the Wii U from afar


These halls, and there are about six of them, are truly massive.


Super Smash was Super Popular


No word on whether or not this was a hands on or hands off demo, you’ll know on Friday when we do.


While I do speak a little German I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit at the translated titled for Shadow of Mordor. Which does kind of work in context, as you will be taking out the trash as a badass Wraith.


The Microsoft rep practically begged people to take an empty seat. Project Spark looks cool, I just don’t think most people wants to take the time to design AI routines, no matter how streamlined they may be.


It felt a little weird to see Battlefield: Hardline so close to the Xbox booth, as they also are intrinsically connected to Call of Duty as well.


And who doesn’t like creepy mascots dancing behind you while you try to ape the Macarena in front of a large audience? Despite that, the volunteers seemed to love it.


Ubisoft had a huge presence at the show, and two of the biggest booths. Assassin’s Creed on the left and


Far Cry 4 on the right


One of the weirdest booth designs I’ve yet to see.


Scratch that


Project Morpheus, otherwise known as the Isaac Clarke simulator


or the I will NEVER go into the water again simulator


At least they weren’t making anyone sing along with the bouncing ball.


Eat your heart out Goat Simulator


Proof that gamers aren’t all lazy, unathletic schlubs.


And who will be driving you?


Sony had much more open demo stations, and the least chaotic as a result..Sorry no sarcastic wit for this one.


Friends shouldn’t let friends Journey alone


Off to my next appointment, this time for Dying Light, which I was very pleasantly surprised by. Hands on impressions to follow shortly.


But an even greater surprise awaited me inside the WB booth, a very tired looking, but very happy Ed Boon, creator of Mortal Kombat.

Well that was Day 1 in a nutshell, minus the impressions of the games I saw, but you won’t have to wait for long, so stay tuned to Dual Pixels as we have a lot more reporting coming your way from Gamescom 2014!

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