Free ‘Factions’ Maps for The Last of Us PS3 & PS4

Who doesn’t like free maps? Not only are they free, obviously, but since everyone will have access to them, it won’t split the player base. I’d say that’s one point for the home team. The two free maps come as an apology from the Naughty Dog team.

The Last Of Us Remastered was released recently and with it came a bevy of enhanced features and the coveted numbers of 1080p 60fps for the PS4 user base. No longer did those converted 360-only users have to opine the loss of not being about to play the outstanding PS3 title, but the game did spawn a new issue on its new home.

The Last Of Us’ Multiplayer mode, Factions, has been hit with some pretty bad load times. Naughty Dog has stated that they are working on it and have called in the cavalry. Naughty Dog has employed the help of various studios within Sony to help them with their updates to the title. The added help should speed up the process, and ND is looking at the update to release in “weeks not months”.

The loading times during Factions may be aggravating, but free maps can easily make up for it.

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