GO!—> GO!—> Metal Slug 3 is coming to all Sony Platforms

It’s time to mount up, load your ammo, and fight hundreds and hundreds of evil soldiers and insanely challenging bosses! The critically acclaimed and legendary side-scrolling shoot em’ up Metal Slug 3 is coming to all Sony Platforms this coming Winter. This includes PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. SNK Playmore took to the to make the announcement earlier today. They have paired with Sony Computer Entertainments 3rd Party Productions. to add special online and modern features to the game, as they are aiming for “some of the highest-level quality NEOGEO emulation seen on PSN yet.”

Originally release in 2000, Metal Slug 3 is the third installment in the emblematic and fame Metal Slug series. Known for it’s exciting presentation and white knuckle side scrolling combat, the series has become a staple and face for SNK Playmore and the NeoGeo name.  The game was critically praised for its game play mechanics as well as the addition of branching paths, new weapons, and new vehicles. It’s unknown if the online features mean trophy support or if these games will be released under “PSOne” classics, which there are original emulations of the game’s with no trophy support.

Check out PlayStation.Blog for more information. Also, find them on Facebook and twitter.


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