Nintendo Reveals The “New Nintendo 3DS”

Introducing Nintendo’s latest revision of the Nintendo 3DS, which Nintendo announced today on Nintendo Direct. As you can see from the pictures below besides the appearance of the 3DS, a lot of things have changed which add more functionality to the device. First off the screens are a bit larger, the New Nintendo 3DS comes with a 3.8″ screen and the revision of the XL which is now called the Nintendo 3DS LL will remain the same size. Other notable features include button color changes that are similar to the Super Famicon(SNES in Japan), the small new second analog stick which resides on top of the face buttons.

Also two new shoulder buttons Zr and Zl, better 3D stabilization and view angles, and a faster new CPU. With this announcement Nintendo revealed Xenoblade Chronicles for the New Nintendo 3DS which means owners of the previous 3DS might not be able to play it. No actual word from Nintendo if this is the case, but we will update you with the news as it arrives. The New Nintendo 3DS will be arriving October 11 for North American release.


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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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