Dragon Quest Heroes Releasing In 2015 In Japan

Typical to previous pre-TGS shows, Sony ended this years with a Square Enix announcement. No, it isn’t the Final Fantasy we were told to be excited for, but something a bit more out of left field.

Dragon Quest Heroes was revealed and, unlike in typical Dragon Quest fashion, the game is said to be more action-oriented, seemingly leaving behind its turn-based JRPG roots. With this departure, its been revealed that the game doesn’t follow the core Dragon Quest series. Check out the trailer below for some bits of gameplay.

The gameplay should appear familiar as the developer, Omega Force, is most known for their work on the Samurai and Dynasty Warrior Series.

At this moment the game is set to release sometime in 2015 on PS3 and PS4, but only in Japan. No localization information was provided at the time for release.

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