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Infamous: First Light starts off with Fetch, one of the more memorable characters from Infamous: Second Son, telling her story while being held captive by the paramilitary DUP right before the events of Second Son. After that we get to learn a bit more about Fetch’s life before she was captured. The story itself is much better than Second Son’s ever was as Fetch is a far more likable character than Delsin, and while her intentions are not bad most of her actions are motivated by the capture of her brother Brent who has taken care of Fetch and helped her maintain her power so she wouldn’t get caught by the DUP. To make matters worse Brent is kidnapped by a drug dealer named Shane who finds out about Fetch’s powers and uses her brother as leverage to get her to do his dirty work as she has firepower he wants and needs. What makes this great is how perfectly it comes together as a prequel to Second Son and gives you more background about many of the game’s characters.


Augustine, Second Son’s protagonist returns as Fetch tells her the story of what happened in the last two years. First Light introduces a fully fleshed out Fetch with Neon powers very different from Delsin’s rendition. Fetch can be seen sporting a much different move set especially in her melee attacks where she packs more of a punch than Delsin ever did. Neon powers in Second Son also introduced super speed which, while fast on Delsin, in First Light that power is upgraded over 9,000 as Fetch runs more gracefully and quickly than Delsin, proving that she is the true Neon specialist in the Infamous world. You get the ability to upgrade your abilities similar to Second Son but there’s no good and evil choices in First Light meaning you don’t get to miss out on most of the powers. Upgrading abilities requires Lumens which are the equivalent of Orbs and are scattered throughout the city.


While Lumens are a great side attraction there are also a few side missions like beating up bad guys and speed courses. While the story missions and side missions are rather the same we have to remember that this is stand alone DLC and to tell you the truth I enjoyed First Light more than Second Son because it ends right as things would have gotten repetitive and after only having spent $15 on it, it felt like I got a lot of bang for my buck. To add on to the usual open world , Sucker Punch also included a challenge arena which, in short bursts, are very fun. A welcome addition in the challenge arena is the ability to play with a decked out Delsin if you have a second son save file. In closing Infamous: First Light does everything good for a standalone chapter but for those expecting anything completely different from Second Son should not fret as it was only a 1/4 of the price.



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