A Bank With Many Branches | The Blacklist “Monarch Douglas Bank” Review

One thing The Blacklist does well is that they constantly take us around the world to bring down criminals. Elizabeth Keen and Donald Ressler travel to Warsaw, Poland to go after number 112 on the blacklist, Monarch Douglas Bank. This is the first case where the target on the blacklist is not one person, rather it’s a bank with many branches. The branch in Warsaw, Poland was hit with a heist where even though official reports say nothing was stolen, Raymond is confident that everything was stolen.

It turns out that “everything” is really a woman named Kaja. Kaja is the key to keeping the bank away from the eyes of the police. Kaja has a photographic memory and has all of the criminals’ accounts memorized. This means that there is no paper trail for the police to follow. Naturally, if this woman were to die, all of her secrets die with her. To avoid this from happening, Keen and Ressler take her into protective custody. Unfortunately, they are on foreign soil and aren’t the only ones after Kaja and the accounts.

During Ressler’s questioning of Kaja, a shootout occurs. Kaja is hit, and Keen and Ressler are now running from everyone in Warsaw. During their escape, Keen accuses Ressler of having slow reaction times during the shootout almost costing Keen her life.

After Reddington provides safe passage for Keen and Ressler out of Warsaw, he takes Kaja. In order to make a trade for his wife, who is still in the hands of the sadistic Berlin, Red must have something that Berlin wants. Knowing that all of his money is in the Monarch Douglas Bank, Red uses Kaja to transfer Berlin’s money into a separate account that Berlin can’t access. Now that Reddington can use this as leverage, he meets Berlin on a bench at Coney Island. Even though it seems that Berlin is enjoying torturing Red’s wife, he decides to make the trade for his money. Berlin realizes that Reddington has a soft spot for Elizabeth.  In the coming weeks, we are sure to see how this plays out. Berlin is convinced that Red is responsible for his daughter’s death and will stop at nothing to get his revenge. To quote Red in this episode, “revenge isn’t a passion; it’s a disease.” I’m sure we will see just how far this disease will take Berlin.

The end of the episode shows us Elizabeth apologizing to Ressler for yelling at him over his supposed slow reaction time during the shootout. He brushes it off, and they part on good terms. However, it seems that Ressler may be hiding a bigger problem from his partner. He is seen pulling a bottle of pills out of his desk and struggling with what looks like the decision to take more at that moment. Could Ressler be battling an addiction to pain medication? If so, what could this mean for his partnership with Keen and his involvement with the task force?

All in all, I was surprised that Mrs. Reddington was already released from the torturous grips of Berlin. I hope to see more of her in the next few episodes. I can’t imagine that we are done with her just yet. I’m sure there are many theories out there about all of the unanswered questions, so for now I will leave off with some of the big questions to which I am itching to find answers. What is Elizabeth’s connection to Red? Could Tom still be alive and following Elizabeth? Where is Red and Naomi’s daughter, Jennifer?



+ Episode is well paced

+ Mrs. Reddington is safe… for now

+ Red always has a good story to tell

-No closer to figuring out Keen’s connection to Reddington

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