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Scorpion opens up with what appears to be the team working with the military on a high profile case. Through bickering and panicking, the team causes hostiles to catch them. Luckily, this is just a training exercise, but the director of Homeland Security is less than pleased with the way the Scorpion team performs. He benches them until he can figure out if it was worth it to fund their group in the first place.

When Gallo’s phone rings, it is clear that something has gone wrong. A bombing in an unknown law firm is suspicious to the Scorpion team. Once they realize the wifi is down in their place, they know that the bombing was not focused on the law firm but rather on the internet cables that provide internet to many. The scorpion team goes to the crime scene in hopes to convince Gallo that the situation is much bigger than they imagined. Walter even throws out the term terrorist. Before Gallo can quiet Walter, Agent Keeler from the Federal Surveillance Group, FSG, believes that Walter is right.

Agent Gallo is still keeping the Scorpion team on the bench until Director Merrick allows them to continue. Under the supervision of Gallo and Keeler, the Scorpion team use their software to identify a suspect that may be responsible for the bombing. Since Keeler doesn’t trust the team, he takes the image of the suspect to his people at the FSG.

Walter and the team know that they can help to find this bomber, so they decide to take matters into their own hands. Toby pickpockets Gallo to get his badge. Toby shakes down a bartender using his skills of deduction. He proves that it is all about how you present yourself. He tells Happy, “you’re a cop if you believe you’re a cop.” Toby’s methods work because the bartender gives them the name of their suspect.

After tracking the suspect to his apartment, the Scorpion team does a terrible job at looking inconspicuous. This causes the suspect to run. Happy and Toby run after him while Walter and Paige follow in the car. Surprisingly, the Scorpion team is right behind him, but the suspect gets hit by a bus and ends up in a coma. Arriving on the scene, Agent Gallo is upset with the Scorpion teams interference in the case.

Back in their headquarters, the Scorpion team is not sure what to do. Paige steps into her role in their team to let them know that if they don’t start listening they are all going to be out of a job very soon. Gallo comes back to the team to get answers from the suspects computer that the FSG couldn’t crack. More bombs are about to go off around LA, and there’s nothing they can do to stop it in time.

With the other bombings, the team uses their locations to try and figure out what is behind the attacks. They figure out that the bomber had only one intended target, and the other targets are red herrings. This target leads them to believe that the bomber wants to erase a file from the internet for good. In doing this, the bomber must take out the current internet, the long term data servers and the routers. The router is the last place where the file may still be intact.

When the team finds the router source, they notice that the file that is trying to be erased is a correspondence implicating that Agent Keeler has been spying on the White House. Now, it’s clear that Keeler is behind the bombings, and he is trying to cover his tracks. At the routing center, Happy goes into the vents and finds the final bomb. Unlike in most procedurals, the bomb can not be easily disarmed, even by a group of some of the smartest people in the world. Instead, Happy and Walter work toward a way to lessen the impact from the bomb. The bomb only took out the garage of the building rather than the entire building.

The Scorpion team celebrates another successful case by picking up Ralph from school. The team trades facts with one another and Ralph about the names of groups of animals. Scorpion knows how to end the show on a high note. Walter says it the best when he tells Ralph about scorpions. He says, “A family of Scorpions is called a cyclone.”

The Verdict


This episode of Scorpion showed us that even though these geniuses are often right, it doesn’t mean that they are the best answer. They are still human, and they need to be trained to work well with others. Paige is starting to find her place on the team. Scorpion is starting to find it’s groove on a Monday night full of great TV.

+ Paige is starting to have more impact on the cases

+ Happy and Toby get to use their skills outside of the office

+ Gallo has more witty retorts to the scorpion team adding some much needed humor to the show

– Walter was less likeable in this episode

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