Unprovoked Frisking | The Blacklist “Dr. James Covington” Review

The Blacklist starts the “Dr. Covington” episode with a man, Mr. Wyatt, at a cafe. When approached by another man, Mr. Wyatt runs into the street and asks for help from someone in a van. Proving that you can’t trust anyone, the man from the van drugs Mr. Wyatt and takes him away. Mr. Wyatt begins to regain conciousness only to see Dr. Covington standing over him in what appears to be an operating room. “You are out of time,” says Dr. Covington before he begins to operate.

The next scene finds us in Elizabeth Keen’s motel room. She is in bed staring at her ex-husband, Tom Keen. Tom has a gun on her and tells her that Red knows where he is and she can’t trust him. Red barges into the room and shoots Tom causing Elizabeth to wake up from her dream. This dream shows that she has suspicions that Tom is still alive.

Once Mr. Wyatt’s body is found, Raymond Reddington knows exactly who is responsible. He informs the task force that Dr. Covington runs an illegal organ transplant operation. For years, he has been letting criminals live by giving them crucial organ transplants. Dr. Covington lost his medical license after he was caught doing an experiment on a ten year old girl.

Mr. Wyatt’s wife confirms what the medical examiner found, that he already had a heart transplant. Wyatt’s wife reveals that Dr. Covington doesn’t just sell the organs, he rents them. Dr. Covington charges $500,000 per year that the organ is used. Mr. Wyatt could no longer pay, so the organ was repossessed.

The mysterious Mossad agent, Samar, shows up at the task force headquarters. Somehow, she found a way to work with Elizabeth and the task force on their cases. Since Reddington let Samar find him before, it is only logical to assume that he wants Samar on the task force for a reason. Maybe, he just wants to keep an eye on Elizabeth, or there could be more to the Mossad agent that we haven’t uncovered.

Keen and Ressler use one of Dr. Covington’s workers to deliver a fake organ for the next operation. After the exchange, Keen and Ressler follow the man transporting the fake organ. The man notices that he has a tail and tries to escape, but he is hit by a car and dies. He has papers on him revealing the customer who was to receive the heart, a gangster named BB.

Using this information, Red gets the upperhand on BB to give up Dr. Covington. When Keen and Ressler arrive at the scene of the operations, they find a bunch of rooms with children lying in beds. Dr. Covington is harvesting adult organs to put in child patients. He reveals that this is why he lost his medical license; he decided to put adult lungs in a ten year old girl to save her life. They let Dr. Covington finish a transplant to give a small boy a new set of lungs before taking him into custody.

Throughout the episode, Reddington is trying to negotiate a deal with Indonesia. His trusted ally Nikko is working with Berlin behind Red’s back. Nikko strikes a deal with Vargas, one of Berlin’s most trusted men, to take out Reddington once and for all. Nikko meets with Red face to face to let him know that he has betrayed Raymond and is working with Berlin. Nikko orders Vargas to shoot Red. Red turns toward Vargas, walks toward him and takes the gun. Never one to be outdone, Raymond reveals that it was Nikko who was being played the whole time. Red lets Nikko know that he believe is loyalty above all before he kills him.

Finally letting down her guard, Elizabeth apologizes to a stranger at the motel for an earlier encounter where she forced him to show her his bag. She even seems happy giving the stranger a nice smile. Remembering that we can’t trust anyone in this show, the motel stranger goes back to his room only to reveal a sniper rifle on his bed.

The Verdict

Dr. Covington was by no means the worst criminal that we have seen. He even genuinely wanted to help the children. There are questions surrounding Samar and her mysterious arrival at the FBI task force. The case in this episode seemed like a filler in order to set up what’s to come. In the scenes from the upcoming episodes, many of our questions will hopefully be answered. Mrs. Reddington seems to know plenty about Elizabeth. The question is just what does she know? Here’s to hoping we find out soon.

+ Elizabeth flirts with a stranger in the motel, shows some vulnerability again
+ Reddington consistently shows that he’s the one who controls the situation
+ Scenes from upcoming episodes look amazing
– No Berlin in this episode
– Not enough of Mrs. Reddington

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