It’s All In The Genes | The Blacklist “Dr. Linus Creel” Review

The Blacklist’s Episode 4 of Season 2 makes the best of us feel the need to look over our shoulders. Conspiracy Theorists are shaking their fists and saying “Aha!” This episode is about Dr. Linus Creel. Dr. Creel is conducting experiments on people who possess the extreme warrior gene. This gene allows people to manipulated by social psychology. The government was conducting experiments on these people who are predisposed to become assassins.

First, they must disrupt their schedule. Then, they lower the person’s self worth. Lastly, there is a trigger that makes the person snap seemingly always resulting in someone else’s death. After discovering who may be behind these experiments, Keen goes undercover as a potential candidate for Dr. Creel’s program.

Meanwhile, Raymond Reddington is trying to provide his protection to his ex-wife, Naomi, and her current husband, Frank. It is uncovered that Frank is cheating on Naomi, but Reddington won’t stand for Naomi being hurt again. By threatening Frank, he helps to convince them to leave behind their life in Philadelphia to stay safe from Red’s enemies.

During Keen’s consultation with Dr. Creel, she discusses some of her real history with her ex husband, Tom. She speaks of wishing that she could chain him up and getting the truth to all of his secrets. Even though this tells us that she is in a very dark place, I would guess that many fans are asking for this to happen. We are all anxious to know all of Tom’s secrets and wish for Keen to get some revenge. By going undercover, Keen gets the password to Dr. Creel’s patient list.

The patient list shows one patient, Duncan, who has not yet done a violent act. Realizing that Duncan is the next victim of Dr. Creel’s experiment, the entire task force goes to stop Duncan from shooting anyone. Duncan shoots Dr. Creel, and when Keen goes to give him help, he pulls a gun on her. A sniper, naturally an employee of Reds, kills Dr. Creel and saves Keen.

Aram helps Elizabeth track where Reddington is keeping Naomi and Frank. She finally gets a chance to talk to Naomi. Naomi tells Elizabeth that Red is only playing a game with her and that Red is not who she thinks he is. If we read into that statement, it could be possible that Red is not Elizabeth’s father. Before Naomi can spill any secrets, Red disrupts their conversation and sees that Naomi and Frank leave to start their new lives. Cutting semi rapidly, the episode leaves us watching Keen staring at a locked room holding the keys wondering what this could all mean.

The Verdict


This episode had a lot of great moments including Keen’s undercover scenes. So far, this season has hit the ground running, but I’m still waiting for some of our questions to be answered. Where is Jennifer? Will we ever get to meet her? What or who is behind the door? Could it possibly be Tom? Have we seen the last of Berlin? Here’s to hoping we get the answers to at least a few questions soon!

+ The interactions with Mrs. Reddington just pose more questions

+ Great undercover work by Keen

+ Putting the thought into our heads that mind control could be possible!

– Not enough scenes with Red and Elizabeth

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