Cord Cutters Unite, HBO To Offer Streaming In 2015

Could this be the start of an a la carte future? Starting next year, HBO will offer a standalone subscription that will not require you to have a cable subscription. For all the cord cutters out there, this is terrific news. In 2015, you will be able to stream your favorite HBO shows and movies without having to be locked into that cable subscription.

Services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are really shaping the way we watch TV. Now that HBO is joining the streaming only options, who knows what else is in the future for TV. Cable providers everywhere should be worried that other premium channels could be following in HBO’s footsteps. With top programming like Game of Thrones, I doubt HBO will be losing any customers anytime soon. Only time will tell if the streaming option helps to gain customers for HBO, but I can’t imagine that there is any bad news for HBO in this announcement.

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Jenny Lampe

Jenny Lampe

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