CBS Joins The Streaming Trend

On the heels of HBO’s announcement of a streaming only service, CBS is joining the streaming game. For $5.99 per month, CBS is offering a streaming service called CBS All Access. CBS All Access is available today, and they are offering a free week long trial.

With CBS All Access, you will be able to stream current and past seasons of shows as well as classic shows. All Access will offer next day access to current programming including daytime, primetime, and late night programs. The only downfalls to this announcement are that sporting events will not be able to be streamed live and older seasons of certain shows may be unavailable.

Now that we’ve heard from HBO and CBS, who is next to get in on a streaming service? The way we watch television is constantly changing, and having a prime cable network like CBS get in on the streaming game is telling on what we may see in the future. Could other networks be announcing streaming services soon? Are cable providers going to respond in any way? Only time will tell.

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Jenny Lampe

Jenny Lampe

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