He’s Got A Future | Gotham “Viper” Review

Viper, Gotham’s fifth episode, finally shows where the show is headed. In past weeks, the show has been pretty shaky, leading to less than exciting villain reveals and awkward scenes, leaving us wondering what we were actually supposed to get out of the show. But, with strong characterization, a more honed in plotline and a strong presence of Bruce Wayne, we finally have an idea of how good Gotham can become.

It’s hard to remember that this show isn’t about Bruce Wayne’s trials and tribulations in becoming The Batman. Week in and week out, it’s easy to want more Bruce Wayne because that is the character we’ve all come to know and love, and luckily we got a lot of him this episode. Little Bruce Wayne is knee deep in files and looks like a much better detective than any in Gotham, which really isn’t saying much. He is on the hunt in not only finding his parents’ murders, but also cleaning up Wayne Enterprises and the city itself. Throughout the episode, you begin to see the intuitiveness that you’d expect from Batman; he starts to connect the dots and begins to make a list of people he needs to question. Of course, he ruffles feathers along the way since most of those people hold high positions within Wayne Enterprises. It’s great to see Bruce Wayne understand Gotham and hint that he will have to take justice into his own hands at some point. The scene between Alfred and Bruce when he finally decides to join in on the hunt is great as it shows the beginnings of such an important relationship in Bruce’s life.

Speaking of justice, this has to be the best episode between Gordon and Bullock. Their banter back and forth was great, really emphasizing how much of a white knight that Gordon is and how he will become the savior of the city. But, saving the city would be a lot easier if he didn’t have a suspect handing out the new drug, Viper. The drug, the precursor to Venom (the same concoction Bane uses), was being handed out to Gotham’s less fortunate and quickly caused mayhem. Its side effects allow the user incredible strength, but at the moment it has an expiration date a mere few hours after inhaled. Stan Potolsky, the drug creator, had a falling out with the company that was funding the research. So, of course, the way to show the world that the Wayne Enterprises funded company must be taken down is by releasing the drug to a Wayne Enterprises Ball. And Gotham’s Villains wonder why their eye for an eye form of vigilantism destroys Gotham. But luckily, as with every episode, the detectives stumble upon a timely clue and watch as Potolsky jumped to his supposed death. Although this was the key death in the episode, Gordon has been put in a much bigger predicament.

Good ‘ol Cobbelpot is back and attempting to get closer and closer to Maroni. Claiming to have a man inside, to help rob Falcone’s casino, left Cobblepot in a vicarious position. So, in typical fashion, he told Maroni exactly who he was and his entire backstory. So, Maroni’s man kidnaps Gordon and tells him to retell his side of the Cobblepot story. For Cobblepot’s sake, the stories lined up. Thus, they use his knowledge and steal from Falcone, while having the detective right under their thumb. It’s interesting how easy it is to kidnap a detective with no backlash at all. I know the mob runs Gotham, but they aren’t even trying at this point.

While the episode was decent throughout, the part I usually have issues with was actually one of the best: Fish Moony. It was a great showing for her and her “secret weapon.” She gives her some form of training in the art of seduction because she has a high target in mind: Falcone. The episode ends with Falcone becoming entranced with Liza because she was singing the same song his mom sung to him. There’s no quicker way to a man’s heart than reminding him of his mom. It was interesting how differently he acted, not very much like a mob boss. It was a great cliff hanger to a much better episode than those previous.

The Verdict


Gotham appears to have found its footing with one of the stronger episodes of the season. The show isn’t about Batman per se, but it is obviously important to feature Bruce Wayne as much as possible. In a sense, he portrays the innocence in Gotham and that their is a light through the darkness.

+ Cobblepot was great, per usual
+ Strong Bruce Wayne scene
+ Great banter between the Detectives
+ Finally a nice Fish Moony scene
– The mob runs everything, and the detectives don’t really seem to try
– Villian wasn’t that exciting this week

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