Light’s Out | Constantine “Non Est Asylum” Review

These days, audiences seem to embrace the anti-hero. Welcome to the fold, Constantine, one of DC Comic’s snarkiest anti-heroes. According to his business card, John Constantine is an Exorcist, Demonologist, and Master of the Dark Arts. In sarcastic fashion, Constantine continuously mocks himself about being a Master by saying that he’s going to get new business cards. Constantine is a character who seems to both accept his fate and hate it at the same time.

The actor portraying Constantine, Matt Ryan, is relatively new to the world of television. Fans of Assassin’s Creed IV may recognize him as the voice of Edward Kenway. On the other hand, TV addicts will recognize the Angel, Manny, played by actor Harold Perrineau from Sons of Anarchy and Lost. Manny is sent to watch over Constantine and to enlist his help. It seems that the only reason Constantine will help Manny is if there is a way to save his soul from damnation. We learn that Constantine couldn’t save his soul or that of a nine year old girl, Astra, from damnation and has made it his mission to rescue her from hell.

In this episode, Constantine gets a message that the daughter of an associate is about to die at the hands of a demon. Constantine feels that he owes his friend and goes in search of the girl, Liv Aberdine. Lost and True Blood actress Lucy Griffiths does a wonderful job as the average 20 something girl who knows nothing outside of her world. When she finally learns to trust Constantine, they work together to destroy the demon who is hunting her. It’s a shame that we will not get to find out more about Liv as she has been written out of the series after the Pilot episode.

In its second episode, Constantine will introduce a new character named Zed, a psychic who will be able to challenge Constantine in a way that Liv’s character never could. Having enjoyed the dynamic between Liv and Constantine, I hope the transition of bringing in Zed is smooth.

The Verdict

As someone who has not read the comic books on which the show is based, I thoroughly enjoyed the Pilot episode. If you haven’t watched this episode yet, keep an eye out for DC Easter Eggs spread throughout. In understanding that certain things may have to change from the comics such as Constantine’s smoking habit, I feel that Constantine has something for TV lovers everywhere whether you’re a fan of the comics or not. Next week will be a true test for Constantine; I, for one, hope that they continue to excel.

+ Matt Ryan’s portrayal of John Constantine is great to watch
+ Plenty of DC Easter Eggs for all
+ Special effects were good and very creepy
– Lucy Griffiths’ character, Liv, will no longer be in the show

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