A Perfect Forgery | Scorpion “True Colors” Review

Scorpion’s Sixth episode, “True Colors,” starts with the team getting berated by an FBI agent beside a burning car. The geniuses all seem to be battered and dirty; something must have gone wrong. In order to find out what happened in the past 24 hours, the team must talk to a therapist in order to be evaluated for further work with the FBI.

The scenes with the therapist are fun. Each person in the Scorpion team have their own way of dealing with the therapy. Walter is rude and impatient. Toby is confident and a little arrogant. Sylvester is happy and yet consistently worried. Paige is still confident that the team will be evaluated well and continue to work with the FBI. Happy acts like she’s an open book, but she puts up plenty of walls in her therapy session.

The Scorpion team must enlist the help of Hetty, from NCIS: Los Angeles. The small scenes with Hetty are wonderful and a great cameo for NCIS: LA fans. She’s the only one that seems to understand everything that Agent Gallo goes through dealing with his group of geniuses. They would never last a day under Hetty’s watch!

The Scorpion team actually manages to do everything right in this case, until it all goes wrong. They follow the clues and find the man behind the fake painting and even assist in taking him down. Their only misstep happens when the suspect’s car blows up with the real painting inside! How did these geniuses make a mistake that blew up a man’s car? If you guessed that something else went on here, you’d be right. But, I would hate to spoil the happy ending for you.

Throughout the episode, Paige tries to get Walter to act as a more normal person. Walter doesn’t seem to get the hang of things like small talk and easy compliments. At the party, she lets Walter realize that he has to treat her like a date meaning he has to open the car door for her and let her take his arm. Paige even attempts to teach Walter to dance even if he can manage to make dancing a mathematical problem. This episode gave Walter and Paige a good chance to get closer. When their suspect asks to dance with Paige, “the most beautiful girl at his party,” Walter even appears jealous. Could Walter be letting his emotions get to him?

The Verdict

This episode of Scorpion is both fun and light hearted as well as emotional. We get to see Walter becoming more emotional and potentially closer to Paige. I am very curious to see where they take their relationship. According to Walter, he has no emotions. Is there any chance that he could have enough EQ to want to be in a relationship with Paige? Is pairing Walter and Paige a little bit too obvious? I guess we will find out in the coming episodes.

+ Great scene watching the geniuses trying to appreciate art
+ Good cameo with Hetty
+ More emotional scenes with the Scorpion team
– More frustrating scenes with Walter being rude to everyone

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