One Last Ride, The Furious 7 trailer is here.

Family is everything, even when they turn their backs. They live, they breathe, they sacrifice. It’s been a challenging chapter for Universal Pictures and the entire team for the Fast and Furious franchise. One of the most wildly successful global phenomenons in human culture, the Fast and Furious franchise has dominated the action and racing genre and become a lifestyle amongst movie goers. For every success, there is another challenge and a tragic one came upon the team . Paul Walker, the film’s lead, was killed in a tragic car accident last year, shaking the very foundations of the movie business and entertainment. There is one thing about family, however, and that it is a strong, unifying force that cannot be broken. This is said no better than in the upcoming Furious 7. After a week of hype, the trailer has been officially unveiled at a special event in California earlier this afternoon.

Furious 7 promises to be the best and most well received entry in the entire franchise. The entire cast and crew, including some favorites from previous films come back this time.  Here, we see a massive operation, taking palce form Dubai to the air to Tokyo. bullets fly, The Rock wields a mini-gun Terminator style, and there are lots and lots of fast cars.

Furious 7 roars into theaters on April 3, 2015.

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