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Scorpion’s seventh episode, “Father’s Day,” begins with a man named Drew Baker leaving a suspicious voicemail for Paige. Within a matter of minutes, the Scorpion team deducts that the caller is Ralph’s father. Naturally, the geniuses all offer up “help” to Paige about Ralph’s dad. Walter even suggests to hack into his credit account. They don’t really seem to understand her personal boundaries. Luckily for Paige, Agent Gallo shows up with a new case involving three prison escapees.

Team Scorpion arrives at the jail, with Walter remembering when Cabe first picked him up for hacking into NASA. It turns out that one of the men who escaped is a hacktivist, a mentally enabled hacker whose past involves resetting electoral votes to zero because he believed they were cheating. This hacktivist escaped with two Russian men, and after the Scorpion team found video footage showing their escape, it appears that the man, Percy, is being kidnapped.

Walter and the team use coded signs on I-15 to help Percy make contact and tell them where he is. Using their own homemade drone, Sylvester tries to fly it around the house where Percy and the Russians are holed up. With Sylvester’s high EQ, he can’t help treating the drone like a pet thus being too gentle with the drone. With the predictability of a procedural, this is where the case goes south.

Cabe is surprisingly calm about the team forcing the Russians to move Percy to another location. It stands to reason that he is starting to trust that the team will get the job done one way or another. The team found a way to hack into Percy’s webcam to watch him and get his location to take down the Russians. One of the great things about this episode is the way they throw a curveball at you. Percy was really behind the plan to hack into the Stock Exchange and make billions. Now, the team must take down percy as well as the Russians.

Even though we are still not sure everything that happened between Cabe and Walter, we are fortunate to be getting a few flashbacks that show how much Cabe cares about Walter. After realizing that Walter was just “a curious boy rather than a bad one,” he buys Walter a computer to keep in touch. Cabe continues to send Walter encryptions to hone his skills. He is even shown giving Walter some tips on how to defend himself against bullies. A small flashback shows that Walter develops a code that was used for air strikes on Bagdad. Regardless of whether Cabe really knew the purpose of his code, Walter is furious that his code is being used to kill thousands. It’s a nice moment when you can see the backstory develop the way it is in Scorpion.

Meanwhile, even though Paige asks Walter not to look into Ralph’s father, Toby points out that she didn’t say that he could not. So, Toby sets out to look up Drew. Drew ends up coming to their warehouse. Paige lets everyone know that she can handle this, but Walter was throwing daggers at Drew with that stare. It’s easy to see how much he cares for Paige, whether or not he even knows the extent of his feelings.

Near the end, Happy is the only one who didn’t weigh in on Paige’s personal situation with Ralph and his father. She decides that she needs to tell paige about her personal experiences as a child. Happy’s father left her, and she feels that Ralph should be able to see his father again. Trusting Happy, Paige lets Ralph meet his father again. Also, Happy goes to an auto shop seeking out a man who is presumably her father. Even though she doesn’t say who she is, she shares a nice moment with him.

The Verdict 


This episode really dove into more of the personal stories of a few of the characters. The best parts of the episode were the flashback scenes with Walter and Cabe. Cabe really was a father figure for Walter, someone he could count on and look up to. During the episode, Walter even realized that he never really forgave Cabe for betraying him when he was a child. It looks like their relationship is growing, and they are starting to learn to trust one another again. We’ve gotten to see some good back stories for Walter, Cabe, Paige, and Happy. I’m hoping that in the weeks to come we will get to learn more about Toby and Sylvester, what brought them to Walter in the first place, and what drives them to be working for Team Scorpion.

+ More personal stories in this episode

+ Great flashback scenes with Cabe and Walter

+ Next week’s episode shows more scenes with Ralph

– Some predictability with the procedural structure of the show

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