Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2014

In recent years, comic book conventions have absolutely exploded onto the scene. From coast-to-coast shows, to shows that overflow in convention centers to those that find adequate space in small town halls, comic conventions are becoming the norm. No longer do we have to spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to get see our favorite artists or meet our favorite actors because the con is on a different coast, because certainly there’s a con within a state or two away.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure to attend Stan Lee’s Comikaze for the first time. My only other con experience was attending San Diego Comic Con, and it’s safe to say the two are drastically different. It may seem like choosing your favorite con is like choosing your favorite kid; I don’t have any kids, so I have no qualms about the situation. This is meant as no slight to San Diego Comic Con as I do enjoy it and will continue to go as long as I can get tickets; the overall experience and atmosphere that Comikaze has to offer goes unmatched.


Comikaze may be in its early stages, being only four years old, but you’d be amiss to pass up such a great experience. While Comikaze is much smaller than its big brother down in Southern California, it makes up for its smaller size in its depth of talent.

Stan Lee, Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld and J. Scott Campbell are just a couple of the dearth of talent on the comic end. But, say you don’t like comics, Comikaze is filled with other talent to scratch that itch. Actors from various popular TV shows, ranging from True Blood to Stargate made the trip this year. And it’s safe to say the con is only getting bigger. What started out in the parking lot of the Los Angeles Convention Center now takes over the entire south hall.



And let’s not forget about all the insanely talented artists. The artists are far more visible than they are at bigger cons, where they take up a large portion of the floor. But, “Joey, I’m not a huge fan of art” you say. When I went to SDCC for the first time, I didn’t think I was either. Then, I got lost in Artist’s Alley and left with a bunch of artwork and a lot less money. The same can be said for Comikaze, but even more so. The setting is far more intimate, and you actually have the chance to get to know your favorite artists, and get stuff signed for free as well!

Comikaze is an event every con-goer must experience. Its size is perfect to rub elbows with your idols in the industry, and the way it is set up currently allows for the con to be far more stress-free compared to the larger ones. The autograph situation that is a mess at other cons, is pretty simplified here, being that it is a paid ticket per autograph, versus a random draw after waiting in a line overnight in hopes of getting a ticket. Above all else, Comikaze makes it easy to have fun. Enjoy the pictures below and come on out to Kamikaze 2015!

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    To have a dearth off something is to have a lack of it. I think “depth” works there instead.

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