One Door Opens, Another Shuts | The Blacklist “The Decembrist” Review

The Blacklist’s eighth episode this season, “The Decembrist,” also happens to be the fall finale. Sadly, next week, we won’t get to catch up with our favorite secret task force with Raymond Reddington at their helm. The episode starts off by following Elizabeth Keen’s movements after almost killing her ex-husband, Tom. Over four months, she kept Tom alive with the help of a couple of friends, and she continuously questioned him about everything associated with Berlin.

Now switching back over to Red, Berlin, and Zoe, we are starting to find out what really happened with Berlin’s daughter. It seems that a man by the name of The Decembrist is the one who helped Zoe escape. Red and Berlin agree to find The Decembrist together. Although the task force is not supposed to get involved, Lizzie finds out the name of the man presumed to be The Decembrist and passes this information on to Red. Red and Berlin take a trip to Moscow only to find that The Decembrist is actually an American government official by the name of Alan Fitch.

Fitch is the Assistant Director of National Intelligence and is now presumed to be a terrorist. It seems that Fitch has a standing relationship with Reddington; although, he broke that trust when he blamed Red for the death of Berlin’s daughter. Once Berlin finds out that this man is responsible for driving his daughter away, Berlin straps a bomb around his neck and leaves him for the task force to find.

Meanwhile, Lizzie is having a hard time keeping Tom a secret on the boat. She finds a security guard snooping around and seems to hold him off for the time being. However, when she heads to the boat after her guard calls to report a problem, she finds the security guard tied up. He found Tom on the boat, and Lizzie’s man tied him up so that he couldn’t tell anyone what he saw. Tom, realizing that this man is going to snitch on them if he is let go alive, takes matters into his own hands and strangles the man. Lizzie is finally realizing that this situation is completely out of hand.

The next time we see Tom, he is calling Berlin’s men to get a location on Berlin who has since gone underground. Lizzie brings in Ressler to assist in the situation, and he is set on arresting Tom. Tom gives them the address for where Berlin is hiding, but when the SWAT team arrives, they find Fitch with the bomb around his neck. Unfortunately, Lizzie already let Tom go, but lucky for her, Ressler is going to let her transgressions slide for now.

The bomb squad brings Fitch to the box in the basement of the task force’s building since it is one of the only places that could contain the blast. When the bomb squad can’t figure out how to disarm the bomb around his neck, Fitch sends them all away and calls in Reddington. Fitch’s death scene is one of the most brutal scenes of this season, but Reddington doesn’t even seem phased by it. It still isn’t clear what exactly that relationship entails, but after Fitch’s untimely death who knows if it will get cleared up.

It is both satisfying and upsetting to see the end of Berlin in this episode. His own daughter turned him over to Red by inviting him to dinner. Reddington thanked her with a passport and his eternal gratitude. Reddington shares a bottle of vodka with Berlin before he promptly shoots him plenty of times, enough for us to believe that Berlin is dead.

The final scene is one that will give avid Blacklist fans the chills. Reddington somehow gets into contact with Tom and meets with him. A small part of me was hoping that he would do something terrible to Tom; he does deserve it! But, Reddington hands him an envelope with unknown contents. Tom reveals that in those four months that Lizzie had him tied up, he never told her about whatever relationship he has with Reddington. Reddington threatens Tom to stay out of Lizzie’s life forever, but I have a feeling we may not have seen the last of him. After all, it seems that both Lizzie and Tom have feelings for one another that they can’t seem to get past.

One question that will continue to be at the back of our minds is, what was in Fitch’s safe? When talking to Red, Fitch told him about a safe in St. Petersburg. Is the envelope that Red gave Tom from Fitch’s safe? We still don’t know what was in that envelope, and I, for one, am hoping that we find out sooner than later!

The Verdict


This episode finally gave us everything we have been wanting since the first time we heard the name Berlin. Even though he was a great adversary for Reddington, if we are to believe that Red is as cunning and cruel as he is there is no way that Berlin could survive much longer. It will be interesting to see how Tom’s storyline unfolds when we come back in 2015 because I have a feeling that despite Red’s threats, he won’t be leaving Lizzie alone especially if we are to believe he ever truly loved her. How long will Red be able to keep all of these secrets from Lizzie? Will we ever find out her true relationship to him? On February 1st, after the Superbowl, we hope to get some answers when The Blacklist returns!

+ Berlin can no longer cause any harm
+ Red and Tom are more connected than we thought
+ Lizzie couldn’t kill Tom which shows she is not too far gone
+ Always leaving us wanting more!

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