WWE 2K15 Not So Sweet

The give and take of having new hardware is beginning to shine through, and it isn’t pretty. EA and 2K are fierce competitors when it comes to sports; it’s a shame 2K is following EA’s lead with the NHL Series. Our excitement of new hardware is met with consternation as what used to be included is now being taken away. With WWE 2K15 they said they were, “unable to support new versions of Create-an-Arena, Custom Divas, Create-a-Championship and Story Designer.”

When selling a product, it’s generally a bad idea to take out features, but that is exactly what many companies are doing. While it’s hard to agree with their reasoning, do they get a pass because of the new hardware? Check out the official word on why plenty of customization options were left out of the WWE 2K15.

WWE 2K15 – Creation Suite Details
Author: Lynell Jinks, Art Director, Visual Concepts

As fans of WWE video games, we understand the Creation Suite is extremely important to gamers and one of our most popular features every year. We want everyone to know we’re fully committed to building a solid foundation and an amazing set of customization tools to satisfy in WWE 2K15 and beyond.

Our goal for the Creation Suite was to attain a higher level of quality across the board. The amount of customization options available in previous years was huge, but in order to improve the franchise now and into the future, we had to scale back in order to focus on quality rather than quantity.

For WWE 2K15, we were unable to support new versions of Create-an-Arena, Custom Divas, Create-a-Championship and Story Designer. This decision was extremely difficult, but a necessary one, in order to deliver a more focused and polished game. The primary reason we did not announce these changes earlier is due to the team working until the last minute to retain as many features as possible.

Although some features were removed, we added an incredible new tool that will really change WWE 2K15 and the future of in-game customization: the Superstar Studio. This feature is something fans have requested for a long time, and we’re happy to deliver this key innovation in WWE 2K15. We’ve received very positive feedback on Superstar Studio thus far, but it seems like many want to know how the process actually works!

Players don’t have to be experts with design or art programs in order to use this feature. In fact, they can bypass using an image editing program altogether simply by uploading an image directly to the Superstar Studio website. The only reason to bring an image into an image editing program is to add transparency (or as artists call it, an “alpha”) to an image.

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