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Scorpion’s ninth episode, “Rogue Element,” begins with the explosion of a congressman’s boat. Before we get to the meat of the case this week, the Scorpion team is in for a bit of fun. Walter brings in an arcade game, Proton Arnold, for the team to enjoy as an award for all of their hard work. Ralph’s dad, Drew, stops by to take Ralph to school and talks to Walter privately for a moment. Drew has a tryout with a AA baseball team in Portland. He asks for Walter’s advice which Walter does everything to avoid giving.

While Walter and Cabe are out getting breakfast for the team, Cabe gets a text from “R” with only one word, Gumbo. He tells Walter this is a secret codeword and drives erratically until they come to a motel. Inside is Rebecca Burns, Cabe’s ex wife. She may have stumbled onto something illegal; and now, someone is after her.

The only clue that Rebecca has is a code, “CA 78 SE.” After seeing news of the Congressman’s death, the team realizes that the code stands for California District 78 Special Election. A special election only happens when the incumbent dies. Rebecca saw contributions for a special election meaning that the Congressman was probably assassinated. Now, the only way to get the evidence is to steal it back from Rebecca’s building; she left the USB drive in a plant in the lobby. Walter steals the drive back but not without almost getting caught. Cabe shows his paternal side when he yells at Walter for disobeying his orders.

Meanwhile, Happy, Sylvester, and Toby are at the marina to go over the evidence from the explosion of the Congressman’s boat. Happy impersonates Cabe to get into the marina to check out the boat. She finds evidence of someone tampering with the boat in order to make it explode. Sadly, when the team regroups at their warehouse, they find it in shambles after a clear break in. Cabe takes the team and his ex wife to “Jimmy’s house,” a run down house in the middle of nowhere. Walter observes that the house was actually Cabe and Rebecca’s house together.

The team sets up camp in the house and take the time to figure out what’s really going on with the Congressman’s death. The minute they have everything together is when it all falls apart. Someone drives away from the house with Rebecca tied up in the backseat. Now, it’s up to Happy to get Cabe’s old car running in time to go after Rebecca.

After Cabe crashes his car before the exit where the criminals escaped, Walter uses Cabe’s badge to commandeer a car and gets behind the wheel. Now, it’s up to Walter to pull off a maneuver that will stop the getaway vehicle. If you had any doubts, you shouldn’t; Walter has a great team behind him.

The episode ends with some more nice moments with Cabe and Walter. Walter turns down an invitation from Drew to go out to eat with him, Paige, and Ralph by using the excuse that he’s not hungry. Cabe walks in a moment later and says that he could go for a burger to which Walter replies that he’s starving. It was one of those feel good laugh out loud moments that show the personalities behind these characters that we continue to tune into week after week.

The Verdict


This episode delved into Cabe’s past. It shows a lot of dark memories, the most prevalent is the death of his young daughter, Amanda. It seems like it was one of the reasons why Cabe and Rebecca divorced. Cabe has learned to find a way to keep living past this tragedy, mostly because of his paternal instincts toward Walter. It is clear that Cabe thinks of Walter as a son; and Walter thinks of Cabe as a father. These moments are definitely a reason to watch Scorpion.

+ Learned more about Cabe’s past
+ Great moments between Walter and Cabe
– The case seemed very easy to solve this time
– No more development between Happy and Toby

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