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Scorpion’s tenth episode, “Talismans,” opens with Walter bailing his sister, Megan, out of jail. Megan checked herself out of the hospital and bought a six pack before winding up in jail. Walter, realizing that she won’t go back to the hospital no matter what he does, takes her to the garage to meet the Scorpion team.

The team gets called away on a classified military operation. A fellow soldier has fallen in a plane crash. The team must retrieve software and bring back the fallen soldier’s body from Bosnia. Even though the team is assured that the area is safe from hostiles, the military team drives without using the headlights which causes them to get a flat tire miles from the plane crash site. When Happy uses her flashlight to check the tire, thinking that she can help; all hell breaks loose. Shots are fired at their vehicle and the teams run for cover.

In the midst of the shooting, Happy and Toby fall down a ravine losing not only the rest of the group but their supply of food and water. Luckily for them, Sylvester found a way for them to meet up with the others, only a 6 mile hike away. Meanwhile, at the crash site, the rest of the group find the plane completely incinerated. Walter immediately goes to locate the hard drive from the plane. The hard drive at the site is too old to be part of a state of the art aircraft. Someone has already stolen the software. Also, a blood trail leading away from the plane indicates that the pilot is not only still alive but captured.

The rest of the Scorpion team along with the military men are on their way to look for Happy and Toby as well as the missing pilot. Happy and Toby are looking for supplies on their journey to meet up with the rest of the team. Happy was injured during the fall, and she shares a nice moment with Toby while he checks on her sprained ankle. They each realize their defense mechanisms: Happy puts up her armour, and Toby becomes a “wise ass” anytime things get real. We may have known all along, but now Happy for sure knows that Toby likes her. Once they get out of Bosnia, it will be interesting to see if they give in to their feelings.

The rest of the team happens upon an old mine field. Walter realizes that the there are no mines where the flowers are growing and begins to lead the team through the minefield. At the very end, the soldier leader, Jim, steps on a mine. Walter won’t give up on him, and tries to defuse it. Cabe tackled Walter to get him out of the way before the mine went off. Luckily, it was only a dud, and the team could get on their way.

Happy and Toby make their way to a small house on a hill. Outside, there is a satellite dish that was probably the one that was used to hack the plane. They go inside thinking no one is there until a man shows up with a gun pointed at them. It turns out that he’s friendly and even loves Americans. Happy and Toby go to use his computer and realize that he’s the one who brought down the plane. He claims that bad men made him do it, and Toby says he’s telling the truth.

Now, it’s up to Walter, Paige, Cabe, and the Navy Seal team to get the pilot in time and get out of there alive. Walter works together with Jim to take down the rebels and get the pilot out safely. I won’t completely spoil how it all went down because it’s a lot of fun. So go ahead and watch the episode. Jim and Walter even exchange small tokens after the mission. It showed a lot of growth for Walter.

Editor's Rating

Overall 100%
This episode got to show a lot of bravery from everyone. Paige and Walter really stepped up to the plate to help the team. Happy and Toby had some more tender moments where we really got to hear how they feel. It even seems that Happy may be coming around to letting Toby take her out. Here’s to hoping we get to see their first date! Walter is coming around and showing much more of his humanity. His box of tokens is a really nice sentiment, and hopefully, we will get to hear all of the stories kept in that box.
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