Dragon Age: Inquisition Customization fun!

Typically, the Dragon Age series has some great customization, and there is no exception for its latest entry into the series, Dragon Age Inquisition. Having the ability to create a character almost exactly how you envision them allows you to make the journey more personal, and since this journey is going to be upwards of 90 hours, it’s important to actually spend time in character customization. Some people opt to make a character with their likeness, others enjoy making characters drastically different from themselves and then there are those that take the “Lina Route.” What’s the “Lina Route” you ask? Well, that beaut in the cover photo is one example, check out the video below to see how Helga came to life, and wish Lina good luck on looking at that for the next 90+ hours.

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Joey Lampe

Joey Lampe

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