Mario Maker At TGAs

Nintendo came out with a short preview of their charming, nostalgic Mario Maker in today’s The Game Awards. After a brief performance of Koji Kondo’s timeless score, viewers were treated to a short video of the fresh potential offered up by the innovative software. Gamers can now ‘play God’ of the quirky Mario landscapes, with the ability to alter, augment and create from scratch, stages within the tried and tested platforming paradigm. All-new is the addition of on-the-fly modifications as well as the ability to completely re-skin your creations in many of the memorable art styles from Mario’s prolific career. Gimmicky money milking or a heart-felt gamely response to the new wave of consumer demand for nostalgic gaming experiences and re-skins? Check out the video below in HD:

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Austin Small

Austin Small

If not writing about or playing the latest offerings of over-dressed simians and over-enthusiastic plumbers, can be found still trying to conquer the Ghost Ship in Super Metroid.