Adrift Trailer Reveal | TGA 2014

Adam Orth has become quite a celebrity on the internet and for all of the wrong reasons. After some pointed tweets, the former Microsoft Creative Director got into it with fans. But, while the personal disaster forced his resignation, it seems to have opened a door into a new venture. Three One Zero, just might be Adam Orth’s redemption of sorts, and through the disastrous time comes the creation of their first title, Adrift. The trailer showed a character floating through a partially destroyed space shuttle in attempts of finding oxygen. While we know little of the actual gameplay elements, it’s obvious to see the connections with the game and Orth’s time dealing with the tweeting controversy. The team describes the game as an FPX (First person experience), and if he can channel his emotions during that time frame, it should be quiet the experience indeed. Check out that trailer below.

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